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Wild Rose Ladies Filigree Mesh Tattoo Shirt, Tan - Fleur de Lis Lace Blackwork Art

Tattoo Mesh Shirt

$88.00 USD


Delicate lace-like Filigree art has ancient roots. The pretty ornamental design is decidedly feminine.  Artwork by Susan Setz. The fleur-de-lis, also called Lily of France, was first an adaptation of the Gaulish lily representing the Virgin Juno. Among goddess worshipers, it apparently had several meanings, including the Triple Goddess. It appeared in Arthurian legends as well as on the French (and other national) "coat-of-arms" and royal or military emblems. 

Hip-length, close fitting, long sleeved shirt.  Seamless in front.  Mesh does not run shrink or fade. Hand-made using fine quality materials. Rolled hem stitching for durability.  All-ways stretch offers maximum performance.  Tan color to disappear against any skin tone.